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Discover the safest Contact Sharing experience with Networkard

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It is all in the Blockchain

We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Contact sharing.

A blockchain is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that is duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computer systems on the blockchain. Each block in the chain contains a number of transactions, and every time a new transaction occurs on the blockchain, a record of that transaction is added to every participant’s ledger. The decentralised database managed by multiple participants is known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

in simple english, Your Data Is Safe.

It is all METAL



With laser etching and clean styling, Networkard is designed with craftsmanship. 

Made out of Steel - a sustainable metal known for its beauty and durability. 

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Designed by

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At Ecstacy & Vikings, we believe that every product has the potential to become unique, harmonious and beautiful.